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Sit back, relax and enjoy the Little Haven experience. Little Haven, the perfect place to unwind and indulge in a little 'me' time. Experienced staff providing a professional service in hair, nails and beauty using high quality treatments and products at affordable prices, will ensure you leave looking and feeling pampered and at your best.

Dipping Powder

2 in 1 powder, colour already in the powder, odor free, light weight, long lasting powder.

Natural NailsNail Extensions
New Set£35.00£45.00
Soak off and redone£38.00£48.00

Acrylic Powder

Full SetsInfillsSoak off and Redone
With normal colour from£30.00£22.00£35.00
With gel colour from£40.00£32.00£45.00

Gel Powder

Full SetsInfillsSoak off and Redone
With normal colour from£35.00£25.00£40.00
With gel colour from£45.00£35.00£50.00
Ombre Powder£43.00£38.00£48.00
Pink and White or Glitter Powder£43.00£38.00£48.00

Note: First colour free with any fullsets or refills. Long nails will be charged at extra cost.

Soak Off & Other Services

Soak off powder / gel£15.00 / £10.00
Take off and polish£20.00
Take off and manicure£25.00
Single nail repair£4.00
Polish change nails / toes£10.00 / £15.00

Builder Gels

BIAB: Build in a bottle. Ideal for sculpting strong overlays or short extension nails.

Nature NailsShort nails Extension
New set£40.00£48.00
Soak off & redone£46.00£52.00

Long Lasting Colour Gel

We use a top brand of gel colours in the UK market such as CND (shellac) & OPI

New apply£25.00
Soak off & reapply£30.00
Soak off & Manicure with gel£40.00
Colour gel on toes (new apply / redone)£25.00 / £28.00

Manicure & Pedicure Treatments

Normal colourGel colour
Basic manicure£15.00£32.00
Basic pedicure£32.00£45.00
Deluxe Icedancer pedicure£40.00£55.00
Deluxe Firewalker pedicure£40.00£55.00
Mini pedicure£20.00£35.00
Basic manicure & pedicure package£45.00£75.00
Basic manicure & deluxe pedicure package£50.00£82.00
Hot shoulder wrap£15.00
Image of Shellac Dip Image of Chisel Image of Powder Image of Powder Image of Powder Image of Shellac Image of Gel Image of Shellac