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Sit back, relax and enjoy the Little Haven experience. Little Haven, the perfect place to unwind and indulge in a little 'me' time. Experienced staff providing a professional service in hair, nails and beauty using high quality treatments and products at affordable prices, will ensure you leave looking and feeling pampered and at your best.


Full Set (clear tips or permanent white tips (PWT)£26.00

Gel Powder

Full Set (clear tips or PWT)£30.00

Pink & White or Glitter Tips

Full Set£35.00

Take Off

Take off only£10.00
Take off & polish£12.00
Take off & manicure£18.00
Take off & new set
* Acrylic powder£31.00
* Gel powder£35.00
* Pink & white or glitter tips£40.00
Take off & overlay
* Acrylic powder£26.00
* Gel powder£30.00
* Pink & white or glitter tips£35.00

Other Services

Cut down£5.00
Single nail repair£3.00
Nail art (set)from £3.00
Diamond (set)£3.00
Tooth gem£3.00
Polish change (colour)£6.00
Polish change (white tips)£7.00

Treatments for natural nails

Manicure (colour / french white tip)£10.00 / £12.00
Luxury pedicure£30.00
Mini pedicure£15.00
Manicure and luxury pedicure£35.00

Long Lasting Colour Gel

New apply£20.00
Take off and reapply£25.00
New apply and manicure£27.00
Take off colour gel only£8.00
Colour gel on toes£25.00
Pedicure & colour gel£45.00
Shellac image Shellac image Shellac image Shellac image
Ombre powder nails
Pink and White Ombre
Rosie Pink Chrome
Holographic chrome nails
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
nail art 2014
Nicki Minaj colour with green zebra stripe
Nicki Minaj inspired nails
Nicki Minaj inspired nails crackle
something special for crufts
Nicki Minaj inspired nails leopard print
kiss kiss Nicki Minaj inspired nails
blue incased glitter tips
3d bow with french
purple with diamonds
french with pattern and diamonds
glitter incased in nails with diamonds on ring finger
multicoloured nails with zebra tint
purple with zebra print
owl nails with acrylic heart tip
Birthday Nail with faded glitter acrylic
french tips with 3d rose
christmas nails
pink with zebra stripes
mini mouse on natural nails
wider tips with zebra print
xmas 3d nails
glitter encased in acrylic and black 3d bows
sliver with black stripes
candy canes with 3d red bows
Pink leopard print
christmas 3d bows
3d flowers
encased gold glitter with black 3d bow
encased silver glitter with 3d bows
red glitter with nail art
pink glitter tips with white 3d bow
black tips with pink 3d bows and crystals
white with pink crackle
blue with poker dots and 3d bows
animal nails with googly eyes
half white tips with white 3d rose
Plain blue tips with blue 3d bows
in-cased silver glitter with enlarged silver flecks
blue nails with white 3d daisy
paradise nail wraps
french tips with white 3d rose and glitter
pink tips with dots and 3d bow
orange Halloween nails
half white tips with purple flower and glitter
red nails with black flower design
french tips with zebra strips and crystals
red and poker dots with white 3d bow
purple glitter with added flecks
painted glitter tips with silver flecks
mini mouse inspired nails
our new glitter range with strips
Black with white polka dot
Blue tips with 3D nails art
Black nails With Trendy Wraps on feature Nails
Purple Tips With White Polka Dots and 3D Nail art
Black Nail White Polka Dots and Swarovski Crystals
purple 3d flowers
black with pink & white zebra print
pink tips with black flowers
White acrylic with Fimos encased
3D purple roses with crystals
black background with white & orange daisy's
poker cards
pink & glitter flowers
Hand painted skulls
fimo fruit inside the acrylic
red leopard print
Barbie nails
glitter encased tips
glitter encased nails
peacock nails
pink with simple flowers
black & white clocks
French with painted bow
clear tips with purple and glitter flowers
silver with black design
glitter blue with swarovski crystals
French with simple bow design
purple tips with silver flower
white leopard
mini mouse inspired nails
French with coloured flowers
all different shatters
water melons
French with 3d bows & lace bows
baby pink with fimos encased in acrylic
black with red strips and crystals
pink zebra print
Music notes
black with crystals
Black with Swarovski crystals
Silver glitter with purpple shatter
Polka dots and 3d bows
Lilac Glitter Acrylic with nail art
Nails 1
Nails 2

If you have any questions about the treatments we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us online or call us on 01843 862834. We are always more than happy to help.

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